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How many days of sexual sobriety do you have? Does God care?

As a sex addict you likely tend to keep track of how many days it has been since you last looked a porn, masturbated, or acted out in some other way.

This often leads to increased shame (if it's been a short amount of time) or pride (if it's been longer). Both of which are bad and do not lead you to freedom.

New flash, God isn't keeping score of your sobriety date. He isn't concerned about whether you have a 1 week chip or a 30 day chip or a 1 year chip.

God is interested in Jesus' sobriety, his perfection, his work on your behalf. He wants you to look at Jesus and his life of good behavior. He wants you to rest on Jesus' performance for you and not on your performance for Him.

The pathway to freedom from sex addiction is aiming at progress in your recovery, not perfection. God isn't keeping score. Score keeping is another form of slavery.


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