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A Friend for the Porn Addict: 3 things to look for when choosing choosing a friend during recovery

As a porn addict you have been living alone, isolated from others. For you to find freedom from your sexual addiction, a close friend will be a necessity.

However, the shame of your addiction has kept you from sharing your struggles with anyone. You want to tell someone, but who? Who can you trust with such a big secret?

Today I want to help you answer that question. In this video we are going to look at 3 things you should be looking for when deciding who to trust with your story.

Listen closely today and find someone who exemplifies these 3 character traits and plan a time to start letting them into your story.

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Cultivating Closeness After Sex Addiction: A conversation tool 4 married couples navigating recovery

The days, weeks, and months after sexual betrayal is an extremely important moment for married couples. When porn or sex addiction is brought into the light for spouses, you need clear and helpful things to navigate these challenging times.

In this video I want to share with you one of the best things that my wife and I did after I confessed my sex addiction with her.

Today we will look at a simple conversation outline that you can follow with your husband or wife daily that will help you to build intimacy and trust in your relationship.

You don't want to miss today's conversation if you are married. But, even if you are not married, you can use this same check in with a close friend that is walking with you through your recovery.

Video mentioned in today's discussion: The 3 Circles

Shattered Vows by Debra Laaser

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Father's Day For The Porn Addict: 3 Ways Sex Addiction is Ruining Dad

For years my secret sex addiction plagued my relationships, specifically with my kids and wife. Carrying around a secret deeply affects your relationships with others.

As we celebrate Father's Day this week I want to help you, dad, to enjoy the relationship with your child that you long to have. Sadly, your addiction is blocking you from that gift.

In this week's video we are going to discuss 3 ways that your porn addiction is affecting the relationships with your kids and offer you a hope for something different.

Happy Father's Day! I pray that this year will be the year that you find freedom from your sex addiction and renewed life in your parenting.

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Your Conflicts Are Leading To Porn Use: How To Deal With Relationship Problems

Unresolved conflict (or resentments) is one of the biggest culprits that are ruining more addicts than anything else. Your recovery from sex addiction requires you to deal with the bad relationships that you have.

Today we want to consider those relationships and how you should be approaching those with whom you are upset with or have hurt you.

First, you need to know that you are built for healthy relationship.

Second, you will need this most profound perspective before moving towards the conflict.

Let's find freedom by healing our conflicts.

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Quarantine & Porn Ep. 3: Porn Addicted Singles, Spouses & Parents

We all are facing unique challenges during this time of isolated quarantine. I want to address singles, spouses and parents specifically and talk about one opportunity you each have during this time.

In this video we are going to identify a primary challenge and a subsequent opportunity for each.

Let us not allow the COVID-19 pandemic be the context for ruining our relationships.

This is episode 3 of a 3 part mini series: Quarantine & Porn.

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Quarantine & Porn Ep. 2: Isolated Into Community

Addictions isolate us even when life is normal. How much more now that we are facing isolation due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

In this video we explore creative ways to build community as we are challenged by quarantine. We have to work hard to build community with others and also take advantage of our extra time to build community with God.

This is episode 2 of a 3 part mini series: Quarantine & Porn.

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