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What is your porn preference? Your porn and other sexual choices point to why you are sex addicted

Video Mentioned: Why am I watching porn?

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What exactly did you watch when you last looked at porn? What were the words you typed into the search bar?

The answer to this question is invaluable to your recovery. Your searches can lead to your freedom.

By investigating the specifics of your pornography choice history or taking account of your specific sexually unwanted behaviors you can learn a lot about the reason that you continue to run back to them.

In today's discussion I want to help you uncover the deeper motives of why you stay stuck in your sex addiction and equip you to walk in freedom.

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Are you a porn worshiper? Sex addiction for the christian is a worship problem

Full length video: Overcoming Sexual Lusts & Temptation

Are you a porn worshiper?

It’s an odd question, I know. Have you ever thought about worship including your sins and struggles and not just good christian behaviors?

When God made you, He made you a worshiper, like at all times a worshiper.

What that means is that you are worshiping every moment of your life. If you are breathing, you are worshiping. If that is the case, then when you are watching porn or participating in sexually broken behaviors, you are worshiping!

I want you to understand this because if you are able to, then I truly believe you will close in on your freedom. You are not your addiction, you were made for so much more.

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Why am I watching porn? Understanding the reason we are addicted to sex

Full Length Video: Porn is not your problem

Do you want to know why you keep running back to pornography?

It is too common of a thought that there is some recovery hack that will allow us be able to stop watching porn. We think that we just need to read a book, attend a recovery meeting, or create stiff consequences. (Seriously, some have assigned push ups for masturbating as if they might deter sexually unwanted behaviors)

Here is the truth about your porn addiction. Your behaviors are rooted deep in your heart. Until you uncover the drive underneath, you will not be free from sex addiction.

This week I want to help you start the process of finding out the reason you run to pornography. Your freedom is waiting.

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Why am I watching porn? Uncover the reason for sex addiction and how to achieve lasting sobriety

So many recovery plans are based on our strength to be disciplined enough to overcome sex addiction. You think, if I can just assess my temptations and structure my life in such a way to avoid lust and porn then I will succeed.

In my experience, will power wasn't enough. I would maintain sexual sobriety for days, sometimes weeks, but I would eventually go back to it. Pragmatism just wasn't enough.

When I finally uncovered WHY I was running to porn, I started to find true and lasting freedom along with sobriety. This is the aim of our discussion. Finding out your "why".

Why are you looking at porn? Once you understand this about yourself, you are closing in on freedom. HINT: It is probably NOT because you want sex. Let's chat this week and learn your why.

Freedom is coming!

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What Do Racism & Sex Addiction Have in Common? 4 similarities that I see between the two

The tragic and unjust death of George Floyd has wrecked me. Personally, I am now doing a few things to educate myself, pray, and take action.

As I've reflected there are 4 things that I see as similar between racism and sexual addiction.

In this video I want to draw our attention to this similarities and bring us to the cross of Jesus Christ to find mercy and hope.

I hope that this conversation helps you to take both issues more seriously and that we can all be better citizens of the earth.

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Marriage Makes Porn Use Worse

Did getting married fix your addiction to porn? I know it didn't for me.

Porn is more than sex AND marriage is more than sex.

So more sex or married sex won't fix your porn problem.

Let's chat about it.

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I See Dead People: Sex Addiction Leads to Death


Are you are being duped by your porn addiction? I fear you may be.

I know it's hard to see that because we are not able to see past our lust in the moments. But Solomon has some words of wisdom for us this week.

In this weeks video we consider the book of wisdom, Proverbs.

Proverbs uses strong and provocative language in hopes that we will hear and wake up from our sexually addicted induced coma. In this video we are going to compare and contrast porn's promises and God's.

Are you one of of the walking dead?

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Quarantine & Porn Ep. 1: Why Am I Looking at Porn More During COVID-19?

Why is it that so many are looking at pornography more while in quarantine during Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

In this video we discuss how circumstances expose are true selves and how to bridge our real lives and our fantasy lives.

This is episode 1 of a 3 part mini series: Quarantine & Porn.

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Porn Is Not Your Problem

Maybe you have been too focused on your porn addiction and not getting to the deeper things that feed your sex addiction.

In this video I'm going to tell you why I believe porn is not your real problem and help you to look beyond your bad behavior.

Porn is not your problem.

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Progress Not Perfection

Have you traded your sex addiction for another addiction - recovery or sobriety?

Too often we are not aiming at the right thing in our recovery. We may have stopped looking at porn and masturbating but are we really any better?

In this video I'm giving you 4 ways you can know that you can know you are getting your recovery wrong.

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