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Feeling Guilty? Porn, Shame & God

Are you feeling guilt today about having looked a porn or done some other shameful sex act (lust, masturbation, pornography)?

Shame is one of the biggest reasons that porn addicts don't leave their addiction. You get caught in the shame cycle which always leads back to your addiction.

If you don't do something different with your shame then more shame is on its way.

But what about God in all of this? What does He think about your shame? Does He offer any help or hope for your guilt and shame?

It's time to include God in your story of shame.

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Women struggle with porn TOO: Speaking out & finding freedom from sexually unwanted behaviors

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"If you are a woman struggling with pornography and unwanted sexual behaviors, there is an army of women who hear you, see you, and more importantly, understand you—because we’ve been there too."

Meet Joy Pedrow Skarka:

Meet Jessica Harris:

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We have kept this secret too long! Women struggle with sexual addictions too!

As I have sought to help others with their lust and porn struggles I get women asking me often, “Are you going to be focused on just...

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Sexual Dreams & Christianity: Are sex dreams a sin? What are their meaning?

Free Ebook: Your Brain On Porn

Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain by William M. Struthers

Video Mentioned: Why am I watching porn?

Sex dreams are something that many Christians experience but do not know what to do with them.

Can you control them and keep them from happening? Do you need to repent after having them? Could your sex dreams be a gift from God?

Men and women alike have sexualized dreams (sometimes called nocturnal emissions or wet dreams). This is especially true for recovering sex addicts.

In this video I want to help you understand your sex dreams by thinking through what the Bible says, medical research and my experiences; both personally and in counseling.

Let's discuss these dreams and look for a redemptive interpretation of them and keep you on your road to freedom from porn, lust and sexual addiction.

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Crush the Shame of Sex Addiction: 4 keys to overcoming the shame of pornography

Shame has more people stuck in a sexually broken lifestyle than anything else. It is far too common that you get pulled into the shame cycle and it's power sucks you in leading to more and more addictive acting out.

We have to understand shame, our typical responses to it and consider what God’s response to our shame is so we might break this cycle and find our freedom.

Today we are going to take at look at 4 aspects of shame that will end with solving the shame of your sex addiction.

This video is a flagship pillar that you must get in place if you want to have any hope of living a life without your addiction.

I hope this conversation sets you on your way to freedom!

4 Keys To Understanding Your Shame:

  1. Life Without Shame: The Garden of Eden
  2. Shame Begins Where Trust Ends
  3. Our Responses to Our Shame
  4. God's Response to Our Shame
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Quit Your Recovery Now: How I found freedom from porn by quitting my recovery

I think that you need to quit your sex addiction recovery. But before you loose your cool, hear me out.

In this week's video I want to share with you a detailed part of my recovery story and how quitting actually led to beginning.

I finally started seeing less lust, porn, masturbation and over all sex addiction in my life when I learned this one very important thing.

My hope is that your will be released into the freedom you desire so desperately.

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You Just Got Caught. Now What?

So you just got caught and your sexual secrets are no longer a secret. Now what do you do?

It's ok, in fact, I'm really glad and extremely excited for what's next for you.

In this week's video we are going to discuss the 3 things you need to be doing or understanding right now.

This could be the best-worst moment of your entire life.

Let's talk about it!

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