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Porn Is Not Your Problem

Maybe you have been too focused on your porn addiction and not getting to the deeper things that feed your sex addiction.

In this video I'm going to tell you why I believe porn is not your real problem and help you to look beyond your bad behavior.

Porn is not your problem.

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Loneliness Is A Lie

Loneliness leading to isolation is a massive issue for sex addicts.

We were made to be in community, knowing others and being known by others. Most importantly, community with God.

In this video I discuss 3 ways to leave loneliness behind.

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Progress Not Perfection

Have you traded your sex addiction for another addiction - recovery or sobriety?

Too often we are not aiming at the right thing in our recovery. We may have stopped looking at porn and masturbating but are we really any better?

In this video I'm giving you 4 ways you can know that you can know you are getting your recovery wrong.

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